Can your smile be stopping you from finding love?

  • By Peter
  • 29 May, 2017

Can your smile stop you from finding love? The sad answer is yes. Yes, your smile can stop you from finding love in a number of ways. The sad truth is that if women find your smile or your teeth to be unattractive, you may have a hard time finding the relationship you want. Is this superficial of them? Probably so. But in a world of online dating and snap judgments, it's simply the truth. The good news is that a smile is a relatively easy fix. If your teeth need to be straightened, a dental professional can assist you. And if all you require is a bright, white smile, that's even easier. Find a dental professional in San Diego, CA; La Jolla, CA or Carmel Valley, CA, and you will be good to go! Go on a first date, that is. Then a second, a third, and you'll be well on your way to the relationship you've always wanted.

We inhabit a dating culture where online apps force us to make snap judgments about people, mostly based on their appearance. You swipe right if you like someone's looks. Don't let your smile be the reason that someone swipes left. If your teeth aren't as straight as you'd like, if they are yellowed due to age, genetics or even lifestyle choices, you have alternatives. But the sad truth is that if you don't love your smile, then potential dates probably won't like your smile either. Many women prefer the look of straight, white teeth. Sparkling white, even teeth convey a sense of health and sexiness. You want this—you deserve it. Give yourself a smile that says, "Swipe right!"

Often, when we don't feel confident about our teeth, then we simply don't smile, especially in photos. Whether you are on OKCupid, Match, Tinder, eHarmony or any of the other dating sites where women make choices about you that are, at least to some degree, informed by your pictures, you should smile. A smile makes you look approachable. It makes you seem like you have a pleasant personality and a good sense of humor. But it's hard to smile when you think your teeth are unattractive. Again, don't settle for unattractive teeth—give yourself a handsome smile. Consult a dental professional in San Diego, Carmel Valley or La Jolla, California. Find out what can be done to improve your smile and, thus, your dating life.

Finally, if you already know that women don't find your smile to be attractive, you probably don't feel very confident. There's very little that's less attractive than a lack of confidence. If a woman swipes right, you communicate and you make it to a first date, if she senses a general lack of confidence, you probably won't have a second date. And this all could be simply because you don't feel good about your teeth. Don't let your teeth—whether they are crooked, yellowed, uneven or otherwise unattractive—be the thing that keeps you from finding the love that you want.

We all deserve to be loved. We also all deserve nice, healthy-looking, straight, sparkling white teeth. In one way, these do go hand in hand. Don't let your smile continue to be a hindrance. Give yourself the smile that will create the love you've always wanted.

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