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Metal Braces

Dental braces have been used for many years to solve various dental problems including crowded teeth, overbite correction, jaw alignment problems and more.

Metal braces are still the most common type of braces used in orthodontic treatment today and are composed of high-grade stainless steel. They are traditional orthodontic appliances that are positioned on the front of the teeth. The teeth can be aligned by placement of orthodontic wires that are attached to the braces. Modern metal braces are more comfortable, more attractive and smaller than metal braces of the past.

Traditional metal braces are positioned on the front of the teeth and are interconnected by orthodontic wires that are used to gradually align teeth. The length of time braces are worn depends upon the severity of alignment issues. In most cases, the total time wearing braces does not exceed two to three years. There are other methods of solving tooth alignment problems, but traditional metal braces still remain the most popular, because they are durable, affordable and convenient.

A new, fun twist, is the addition of color to traditional braces through the use of elastic bands. The elastics that fit around the braces' brackets allow the user to alter the color of the braces at each appointment. This can make wearing braces more exciting for the young because can pick their own, unique colors or even the colors of their favorite sports team. Gray, white and silver colored elastic bands are available for anyone who wants a more neutral look, whether kids, teens or adults.

After braces are removed, a is worn in order to help maintain and fine-tune alignment.

When wearing the metal braces it is essential to as well. This means avoiding eating certain hard or chewy foods. Without proper dental hygiene, tartar can build up between teeth and at the edges of the metal brackets on braces.

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