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The Top Benefits of Invisalign® Invisible Aligners

Are you considering braces or other orthodontal devices in the La Jolla, CA or Carmel Valley, CA area? Would you like to improve your smile and overall appearance? Are your teeth crooked, causing them to be unattractive or, worse, difficult to clean? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Invisalign® brand invisible aligners may be the solution for you. Although in some cases traditional metal braces are the better alternative, Invisalign aligners offer many benefits. If you are seeking straighter teeth or a more attractive smile in Carmel Valley, CA or La Jolla, CA, you should consider Invisalign® invisible aligners.

Benefit #1: Improved Comfort

Certainly, any orthodontal device may cause discomfort. However, straightening and realigning the teeth may be particularly uncomfortable. When you get traditional braces, the brackets are attached to your teeth, often for years, until they are removed by a professional. However, if you opt for Invisalign® invisible aligners, you may remove them occasionally for brief periods of time. This may help reduce some of the discomfort associated with straightening your teeth.

Benefit #2: Improved Appearance

When you choose Invisalign® in Carmel Valley or La Jolla, then you are choosing an improved appearance over traditional metal braces. When you wear traditional braces, your mouth is filled with unsightly metal brackets and wires. Many adults who may benefit from braces refuse them because this is considered unattractive.

Invisalign® aligners, however, are nearly invisible and are barely noticeable because they are made from clear plastic. These clear plastic aligners fit snugly over your teeth, creating the illusion that you aren't wearing anything at all.

Benefit #3: Duration of Treatment

Did you know that many people who wear traditional metal braces have to wear them for as long as 12-18 months? Traditional metal braces may take quite some time to fully straighten your teeth and resolve your orthodontal issues. However, most patients only need to wear Invisalign® aligners for 12 to 18 months. As compared to 5 years, this is a significant reduction in the duration of the treatment. This means that you may endure the discomfort of treatment for a shorter period of time and you may achieve your goal of a beautiful smile much more quickly.

Benefit #4: Improved Safety

Traditional metal braces rely on metal brackets and wires to straighten your teeth. These bits or metal may sometimes protrude, puncturing and scratching the inside of the mouth and the gums. Invisalign® clear aligners are smooth. There are no harsh metal bits to puncture the inside of the mouth.

Benefit #5: Knowing What to Expect

In many cases, traditional braces are a trial-and-error process. Dr Sunstein will have a very good idea how long either treatment will take. In contrast, Invisalign® aligners rely on a computerized treatment plan. This plan is put together before treatment begins, so you know how long treatment will take and what each step will entail.

Although Invisalign® aligners are not ideal for every patient, they may be a good treatment option for you, especially if you are in the La Jolla or Carmel Valley area. If you think you may be interested in invisible aligners or other dental or orthodontal devices, then call us today to book an initial consultation.

Examples of braces below.

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About Orthodontic Braces

Arch Wire - A thin metal wire connecting each bracket puts pressure on teeth in order to help guide them into place. The wire exerts a gentle force somewhat springy force so that the brackets remain in place when Dr. Sunstein ties in the arch wire.

Wires usually do not need to be changed at every visit, and with the wide assortment of wires currently available, Dr. Sunstein may only need to use from three to five different sets of wires during your entire treatment.

Brackets - Brackets are the tools that hold the upper and lower arch wire and are classified in terms of size as ultramini, mini, and large. Each bracket is attached to a tooth (either by banding or bonding) and holds the wire that is then secured to it with elastic bands.
O Ring - single rubber color that is put around a bracket in order to keep the wire in place.

E Chain - Elastic and stretchable series of connected o-rings that are placed around brackets in order to help secure archwires in place.

Kobe tie - hook, attached to a bracket or braces, that serves as an attachment point for rubber bands or elastics.

Steel tie - used to cinch down the wire on a bracket and provide an extra secure hold.

Band - A metal ring that may be cemented to a tooth for strength and anchoring braces. When orthodontic bands are required, they are most often placed on the back teeth or molars providing a stable foundation for braces. Brackets and wires can be attached directly to orthodontic bands once they are in place.

Colligation - to help keep spaces closed between teeth, this is a thin metal wire that is criss-crossed around the brackets and beneath the archwire.

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