15 Fun Facts about Teeth!

  • By Peter
  • 28 Sep, 2016

15 Fun Facts about Teeth!

Teeth are pretty amazing. They allow you to communicate your thoughts and emotions with a smile (or a grimace), and they help you enjoy various types of food. They also make it easier to annunciate words during speech.

However, there are many other interesting — and even downright surprising — facts about teeth. Here are just a few fun facts about your smile.

1.    Tooth enamel is the hardest substance in the entire body.

2.    35 to 40 percent of the tooth’s surface is located in between the teeth — so make sure you floss regularly!

3.    Although it’s best to brush your teeth for at least two minutes, the majority of adults brush for 48 seconds.

4.    If you lose an adult tooth (whether due to an accident or some other incident), put it in a glass of milk or keep it inside your mouth, if possible. Teeth begin to die after just 15 minutes outside the mouth, so get to the dentist right away to increase your chances of saving it.

5.    Over a lifetime, the average person spends 38 days brushing his or her teeth.

6.    Restorations, such as fillings, date all the way back to the ancient Egyptians. Archeologists have discovered mummies with filings. The Romans also used gold to restore diseased teeth.

7.    If you have ever heard that George Washington had wooden dentures, this is incorrect. Although President Washington did, indeed, wear dentures, they were a mix of animal and human teeth, as well as ivory, and bits of metal. They were also reportedly ill-fitting and quite uncomfortable. Historians believe he had just one natural tooth remaining in his mouth at the time of his inauguration. He also complained of mouth and tooth pain in his journals and letters throughout his life.

8.    Your bite is like a fingerprint and is completely unique to you. Your “tongue print” is also one-of-a-kind.

9.    Smiles have a gender bias: Women smile about 62 times a day… men? Just eight times daily.

10.Americans love their toothpaste! We buy 14 million gallons of the stuff each year.

11.You produce enough saliva over a lifetime to fill two swimming pools.

12.A baby’s teeth form during pregnancy, but don’t make an appearance until around six months of age. In somewhat rare cases, however, a baby can be born with teeth — called “natal teeth.” In most instances, this is completely harmless, although it may come as a shock to the baby’s parents!

13.Researchers say about 50 percent of all people notice a person’s smile before anything else. So smile!

14.Toothbrushes aren’t anything new, however, the kind we use today (with nylon bristles) have only been around since 1938. Before that, most toothbrushes were made of boar’s bristles, with handles carved of bone or wood. Going back even farther in time, medieval people used to use “chew sticks” to clean their teeth. These were short, narrow branches with a frayed end. Archeologists have discovered chew sticks that date all the way back to 3,500 BCE.

15.The Victorians used “tooth powder” — a powder mixture made of salt and bicarbonate of soda. You can still buy tooth powder today.

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